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  LianJian construction was established by Guangdong LianJian group in July 2013, approved and registered by Shantou Chaoyang District Administration for Industry and commerce. It is a general construction contractor under Guangdong LianJian group with a registered capital of 36 million yuan. It is a construction enterprise approved by the Provincial Department of construction and Shantou Construction Bureau and has the qualification of grade II general contracting of construction, grade III General Contracting of municipal public engineering construction and grade II professional contracting of building decoration engineering. The company adheres to the enterprise tenet of "dare to develop, really grasp the practical work, safety production and create excellent products". It is an important new force in Shantou construction.
  The main business of the company is general contracting of housing construction and municipal public construction projects. After five years of exploration and development, the company has established and improved enterprise management system, construction site management system, safety production management system, quality management system, etc. The company now has a general manager in charge of the production and operation of the enterprise, a technical director and a production safety director in charge of the construction technology management and production safety management of the enterprise, and a cost control department, a data Department, a financial department, a personnel department, a material and equipment department, a quality and safety department and a project department.
  After more than five years of development and expansion, the company now has a group of high-quality team, more than 60 enterprise employees and engineering technicians and professional technicians reviewed by overseas agencies in various places, including 15 engineers with intermediate professional titles, 45 junior engineering and economic managers, 10 first and second level construction engineers, and more than 100 sets of various construction testing equipment, With advanced construction machinery and equipment, complete technical force, strong construction capacity, rich construction experience.
  The existing and under construction projects of the company include the campus of Mingxing experimental school in Chaoyang District, the teaching building of Tongpan primary school in Tongyu Town, the pile foundation project of Deyuan in Zhongzhai, Heping Town, the farmer apartment house in Helong village in Tongyu Town, the Xinyuan apartment in Xinlong community in Heping Town, and the factory building project of Huizhou Guangdong Hualong Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. The total construction scale is more than 300000 square meters.

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