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   Guangdong lian jian Group Co., Ltd.Was authorized to be provincial group by Ministry of Foreign Economic Relation and Trade,and registered by Industrial and commercial Administration Bureau of Guangdong Province. We have rights for importing and exporting trade.There are seven joint venture branches that subject to our group company,That is:LianJian Weft-Knitted Factory,LianJian Warp-Knitted factory,Underwear Mill,HuaYa Garment Mill,LianJian Carton,ShengHenPlastic,LianJian Trade Limited Co,The Ninth Architecture Co,It is a compre hensive group company that combine with products designing,fabric producting,garment manufacturing,Packing processing and trade at home and broad.
  Guangdong lian jian Group Co., Ltd,We have built modem Workshops.The area of  reaches 40000m2,office houses 100002,hostels 200002.We own series of advanced equipments such as 60 sets of knitted computer looms,are of intermational advanced level 1200 set of import sewing equipments and 150 sets of plasticators,plastic printing machine forging equipment and measure instruments.
  Guangdong lian jian Group Co., Ltd,Since the group was established for over ten years of hard working,and deeply supported by exten sive customers,the economic and social efficiency of our company increased continuously.The production value of us has exceeded 100 million RMB per year,paid 7 million RMB taxes to the country and got over 8 million US$export foreign exchanges . Our fixed assets Increased from RMB 30 million at the beginning to RMB 120 million now. The scale of our enterprise is expanding day by day . A series of registered trademark of our company are "DAQIANER","JIALINGZHU","BOZHITING". There are over 200 kinds of garments.These products are refinedly made from our own manufactured excellent quallty fabric and imported trims,mixed with Chinese and Western culfural Traditions and design. Idealogy and further making them new.They are combined with advanced productive craft. They are the unique products.We pursue perfect condition in material,colour,style and design.They keep characteristics of fitness,comfort,gentieness and high-refinement.Our company has set up sale internet in major cities of our county.We have a very good sale tendency. The outgoing products have a good fame in the market of USA,western Europe,southeast Asia and the middle east areas.
  We always pursue the operationg aims just like "Science and technology exceedirs others,design going ahead of time,quality first and treating customers as GOD".Since we have tried our best to reformand innovate technology,we have produced best quality and low price products.We are deeply trustworthy by the customers at home and abroad many years have passed .Our company has been awarded "The certificates spassing all-sided quality control standard by the Agricultural Ministry" by the nation,"The science and technology quality prize"
  The certificates for consistency of the product quality " "The enterprise that can be trustworthy by the consumer " "The enterprise that can by trustworthy of its quality " "enterprise that earns large amount of foreign exchange for the country" and so on honor titles. Traffic convenience,beautiful environment. Welcome to do business with us,and hope we can Build long term cooperation relationship.

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